Cotinine (nicotine) testing
For companies that have created a smoke-free workplace, Master Security, Inc. offers cotinine (nicotine) testing. Cotinine is the first
stage metabolite of nicotine. Because nicotine has a small window of detection, by testing for cotinine we can extend that window from a
couple of hours to a period of 4-7 days.  

Our test is conducted by utilizing a saliva collection device, the same method we use for our saliva drug testing. A cotinine test can be
done as a stand alone test or be added to our Saliva 6 panel drug screen.

It is important to remember this test only determines the presence of nicotine and this may include non-cigarette forms of nicotine
including nicotine gum and patches.
Cotinine (nicotine) testing
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Employers have plenty of
reasons to consider making
their workplace a smoke-free
environment. A study
published in the summer
of 2013 by The Ohio State
University indicated that
smokers cost their employers
an estimated additional
$6,000 per year compared to
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